Lady Road DOg Joan Krenning

Welcome to

Day 100
There was a slight breeze as I unlatched the back door and stepped out onto the patio. Feeling that cool breeze was so refreshing … heavenly … And surprising. We live in Mesa, AZ and it’s June 18th. No cool breezes … usually. But this has, after all, been an unusual year.
In 100 days I’ll be:
A NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer
Well into my time studying with John Maxwell and Lynn Twist.
Leading a group of Women through southern New Mexico and Texas where we will be meeting up with 1000’s of women in the Texas Hill Country to set a record.
Followed by our ride into the Smoky Mountains to attend the Women’s Motorcycle Summit in Pigeon Forge.
And I’ll be turning 63.
I didn’t choose Day 100, any more than I chose this life. But … then maybe I did.
Why don’t you follow along. And we’ll find out together.
Until tomorrow …. #MakeAChoice to #BeTheException and join the #BetterWomanProject