5 Reasons I Love My Schuberth C3 Pro for Women

BREAKING NEWS: “Today I learned via the Cycle News that Schuberth Announced a New Five Year Guarantee — stating their ambitious goals: to offer the highest standards in quality, maximum safety and the best possible helmets.”

I had not worn a helmet when riding. (Unless I was forced to.) I was the “old school” Harley chick.

It was over three years ago that I received the message from Sarah Schilke and Schuberth helmets. The message was simple. We would like to know if you would wear one of the new C3Pro Woman full face modulars, and give us a review.

I had not worn a helmet when riding. (Unless I was forced to.) I was the “old school” Harley chick.

Fast forward 39 months and although I’m still that same “old school” Harley chick, I ride with “safety first” when it comes to my head.

I came up with the 5 reasons I Love my Schuberth. I know there are many more and below I have also listed the technical reasons why we should all wear a Schuberth helmet … and love them.

The C3 PRO WOMEN – A helmet crafted exclusivly just for me, and for all women who ride motorcycles. When it comes to your head, there is no better protection that SCHUBERTH. ~ Lady Road Dog
Schuberth C3Pro Woman Helmet
Schuberth C3 Pro Woman Full Face Modular – The Rolls Royce of all Helmets
  1. It’s the quietest helmet on the market.
  2. The feeling against my face feels as soft as memory foam.
  3. The lightness of the helmet itself. The C3 Pro Women is a full face modular helmet weighing maybe a little over 3 lbs.
  4. It makes me look like a Bas-Ass. LOL
  5. The most important reason of all. I feel safe and protected wearing my C3 Pro Woman.
The C3 PRO WOMEN – A helmet crafted exclusivly just for me, and for all women who ride motorcycles. When it comes to your head, there is no better protection that SCHUBERTH. ~ Lady Road Dog


The C3 Pro Woman technical information list below is directly from the Schuberth.com
HIGH-TECH SAFETY: THE HELMET SHELLSCHUBERTH’s proprietary outer shell technology combines low weight with optimal stability. Fiberglass with a special resin additive is pressed into the shape under high temperature and pressure. The result is an extremely strong helmet shell. The inner shell is constructed of multiple pieces of high rated EPS foam which enables higher impact reduction and greatly increases the safety of the helmet.


COOLMAX® textiles are used on the inside of the helmet to create an optimal climate. The liner wicks away moisture and helps in conjunction with the ventilation system to keep the helmet at optimum temperature while riding. All the inner liners of the C3 Pro are OEKO-TEX® standard 100 approved meaning they are ensured to be free of harmful chemicals. The liners are also removable and washable to keep your helmet fresh no matter how much you use it it.

EYES ON THE ROAD: 20160909_173315-01-01THE SHIELD

The external shield is made from scratch-proof polycarbonate, manufactured in the injection molding process. The clear shield passes optical class 1 standards, meaning this is as clear and free of distortion as it gets. Change to a tinted shield in seconds, and insert the anti-fog pinlock for a mist-free ride.



The C3 PRO Women is one of the quietest helmets in the world. The ergonomically shaped neck roll is designed in conjunction with the chin skirt to reduce wind noise passing under the helmet. Turbulators on the visor help minimize noise and prevent whistling when the visor is open and diffuse wind noise passing over the top and sides of the helmet. The result is a quiet ride and less distraction from the road ahead.


Crafted by our engineers in the SCHUBERTH wind tunnel, the C3 PRO WOMEN is optimized for aerodynamics. The result is a smooth and stable ride with no lift or buffeting, even at higher speeds.


Permanent air circulation means uninterrupted fresh air inlet. The head aeration and the indirect visor aeration lead the air further into the aeration channels of the EPS inner shell and distribute the breathing air evenly in the inner part of the helmet. The ventilation openings can be regulated. An air outlet at the back warrants a constant air stream.


The ratchet lock makes for a quick and easy adjustments and the length of the chin strap can be adjusted on both sides for an ideal fit. The ratchet system is tested and proven to be just as strong and secure as double d-ring systems.


The internal sun visor can be extended or retracted with one hand by using the slider on the edge of the helmet. Now you can react lightning quick to sudden sun glare.


Like all SCHUBERTH helmets, the C3 PRO has reflective pads at the bottom of the collar, and logos and accent stickers are reflective for additional visibility. Be seen at all times on the road.

Radio, navigation and communication in the same helmet size


Easy to install. Easy to control. Perfectly integrated into the helmet.


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