Welcome to Lady Road Dog



As far back as I can remember, I loved to travel. I set out on my first solo road trip when I was 17 years old driving from North Dakota to Colorado.

Throughout my lifetime I have logged over 1,000,000 miles traveling through the United States. But it was not until 1986 when I purchased my 1st motorcycle, that I really felt the pull of the road and the wind in my face. She was a 1986 Harley-Davidson Softail Custom and I loved that bike. From May of 1986 to the summer of 1991 when I sold her to purchase fabric for my newly launched headwrap business, I rode over 80,000 miles on that sweet Softail. During the summer of 1989, as I was riding coast to coast, I showed up in Clarkston, Tennessee for a rather large gathering of VNVMC. When it was mentioned that I had ridden in to Tennessee from Colorado via Florida, I was told, Lady, you are some Road Dog. That was the day I was given the name Lady Road Dog.

What I know for sure:

• I love America. For over 20 years I have been a proud “Made in America” manufacturer.

• I love people. All people.

• I love our history. We live in a country where we have abundant freedoms. And we are willing to die to protect them.

• I defend our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

The best way to describe how I feel:

• From the beginning they were a Breed apart from others.

• Their lifestyles and their flair for adventure drew attention to them and their machines.

• From the beginning they were The Road Warriors

• I am a Road Warrior. I am honored that you are here to join me in this journey.